Fear is one of the most powerful emotions. There are times when we all can feel scared, anxious and worried. These feelings have a very strong effect on our mind and body. However, these are normal feelings and they cannot harm us, either mentally or physically. For example, it is perfectly natural to feel relatively anxious before sitting an exam, having to give a speech, your first day at a new job and so on. A certain level of anxiety can actually help us deal with a challenging situation.

Anxiety is normally associated with the thought of a threat or something going wrong in the future rather than right now. It is also coupled with the idea that you will not have the ability to cope, should the predicted outcome occur.

Anxiety can last for a short time and then it passes. However, it can also last much longer and we can begin to feel stuck with it. In some cases, it can take over our life and can hold us back from doing the things we want or need to do. We may avoid certain situations or people that we may perceive as frightening. We stop ourselves from trying out new things. When our anxiety becomes this debilitating, it is time to deal with the problem and to make some changes.

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The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommends CBT as the preferred form of treatment for anxiety disorders.

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